Farmer groups and cooperatives involved in the implementation of various enterprise subprojects under the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) in Region 12 underwent recently capability building activities.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) 12 and the Regional Project Coordinating Office (RPCO) 12 conducted two trainings in Koronadal City and General Santos City to help these coops and associations in the on-going implementation of their subprojects.

Firstly, a Governance and Leadership Training and Capacity Assessment was conducted and facilitated by the RPCO 12 and was attended by four cluster members of enterprise subprojects in South Cotabato: Topland Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Palo 19 Farmers Association, Sawmill Coconut Vegetable Farmers Association and Tupi Coffee Growers Association Inc.

This training aims to review the basic governance and leadership skills of the coops and associations, understand self-awareness and group processes in the context of leadership, governance & management.

Juandrilo Alagos, manager of Topland MPC, said that the training enabled them to identify their functional and dysfunctional behaviors inside their coop.

“We were able to identify organizational development gaps and our behavior which limits us to do our work as a coop effectively,” he noted.

Another batch of training was also spearheaded by RPCO 12, through a partnership between the I-REAP Component and the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division of DA 12 held in General Santos City.

 It was joined by 17 IREAP Proponent Groups of existing enterprise subprojects in South Cotabato, General Santos City and Sarangani Province.

Ismael Intao, the I-REAP component head of RPCO 12, noted that based on enterprise assessment results for these PGs, there is a need for additional capital for the enterprise to maximize the operations.

“It was also reflected on their three year capacity building plans to look for additional capital for their enterprise and maximize the utilization of equipment’s and machineries provided by PRDP,” Intao furthered.

The activity also aims to help PGs in finding financial assistance thru loans or grants from different financing institutions.