A market driven and private sector-led agribusiness sector ready to face the challenges of intensified global competition and able to contribute to the growth and progress of the economy leading to an improved quality life for the Filipino people.


 “Collaborate  with,  and  provide  direct  assistance  to  the  private  sector  including concerned  NGOs  and  POs,  in  marketing  ventures  and  in  the  conduct  of  market analysis, identification and matching”- AFMA IRR Chapter 5


  •  Market Access and Development
  •  Industry Support and Development
  •  Investment Promotion
  •  Enterprise Development
  •  Market Research and Information



Organizational/Participation to Trade Fairs and Exhibits (Local, International) – to showcase the marketability of Philippine’ agri-fishery products both in the international and domestic  markets and develop the image of the Philippines as a reliable supply source.

Direct Market Linkage Program– producers (farmers and fisherfolk) are linked-up with buyers  (consumers, exporters, businessmen, etc.) to ensure a fair and profitable price for the producers and  availability of supply with prices that are affordable for buyers/consumers and other end-users.

Barangay Food Terminal  –  a  barangay-based  food  dept  and  distribution  system complementing  talipapa  in  selling  agri-fishery  commodities/products  to  low  income groups in depressed barangays.

Agri-Pinoy Food Trading Center– an alternative marketing system and business model  wherein   small  farmers  and  fisherfolk  can sell  their  producets directly  at rationalized prices. It will equipped with processing facilities to produce semi-processed or finished products for targeted institutional buyers. The center will be co-owned by the government and the private sector.
Support to National Marketing Umbrella  –  provisions  in  the  AFMA  for  the development of integrated marketing system which will provide for an effective linkage among the agribusiness players  – producers, processors, consumers and provide a globally competitive agriculture sector and facilitate/support meetings of the NMU Board of Directors (composed of private sector representatives  – farmers’ and fisherfolk’s organization, cooperative, federation of cooperative and association.
Promotion of Organic Agriculture  –  provide  assistance  to  farmers  by  providing support to training on Internal Control Systems in preparation for their accreditation.
Investment Forum/Congress/Summit– facilitate the conduct of local and international investment  forum/congress/summit to promote agribusiness investments to local and foreign investors.
Tariff-free importation of agricultural inputs, equipment and machinery (EO 376)– the  EO  calls  for  the  provision  of  duty-free privileges  for  the  agricultural  inputs, equipment and machinery (under section 109 of AFMA). The main objective of the order is to give agri-fishery stakeholders access to cheaper  sources of raw materials and related facilities.
Conduct of Agribusiness Investment Opportunities Seminar Series  – the program aims  at  increasing  awareness  on  the industry  players  on agribusiness  investment options by identifying entry points  and enhance the capabilities of the farming and fishery sectors. This activity also enhances/develops the entrepreneurial capabilities/skills of the farmers, fisherfolk and other  industry stakeholders in various agribusiness ventures.
Agribusiness Center  –  a  one-stop  agribusiness  center  for  farmers,  fisherfolk, cooperatives,  investors/entrepreneurs  to  access  market/price  information,  technical services, business opportunities and direct links with the private sector/institutions.
Agriculture Fisheries Market Information System (AFMIS)– is an integrated and cluster-based  system  of providing market information on a timely and regular basis through various media to  improve production, marketing and investment decisions of DA’s clientele. The AFMIS website can be accessed through