The Department of Agriculture has continuously been encouraging the public to eat brown rice and rice mixed with other staples as part of the agency’s campaign to attain rice self-sufficiency in 2015.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala issued a memorandum directing employees of the department’s regional field offices, service bureaus and attached agencies to be a part of the Be RICEponsible advocacy of the DA.

Said memorandum was bared in relevance to the upcoming celebration of the Nutrition Month in July of this year.

The Aggie Chief particularly instructed these offices to serve brown rice every Wednesday and rice mixed with other staples such as rice and corn grits every Thursday at their respective cafeterias instead of serving white rice.

Besides this, DA-related offices are also urged to hold activities to extensively promote the consumption of these healthy rice options and to stir the awareness of the masses to become responsible rice consumers.

Everyone is also urged to recite the Pledge for Rice (Panatang Maka-Palay) every Monday during their weekly convocation.

DA in Region 12 led by Regional Executive Director Amalia Jayag-Datukan has been promoting responsible consumption of rice to help in the attainment of DA’s goal to be 100% rice self-sufficient in the first quarter of 2015.

In every activity that the DA 12 had conducted, the participants were enjoined to verbalize Panatang Maka-Palay and even singing the National Year of Rice song for them to apprehend the significance of not wasting even a grain of rice considering that every Filipino is wasting atleast two spoons of rice daily. (LMSalvo) 

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